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future cars bmw top pics

Some time later at Frankfurt Auto Show, there are times when we could gather the views of the future BMW cars. BMW is very optimistic about his vision for the future. There are cars, energy production and would be run on multiple fuels. BMW engineers are working overtime to get good designs BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. The future new cars and have more speed and different materials that have characteristics that are more aerodynamically more efficient. There are many conceptual models with BMW. It would take some time to see the production models, because the market just before they would investigate a launch vehicle. BMW is now very optimistic to achieve the sales target for this year. German car manufacturer would be able to surprise the market again. Watch for exciting news for BMagna, collaborating with the German car giant on future electric car technology, unveiled the the MILA EV at last week’s Geneva Motor Show. The concept is a lightweight three-door hatchback featuring a detachable power module that includes batteries and electric drive motors. The MILA also boasts integrated solar cells in the glass roof to provide supplemental energy generationsee another picture of the MILA EV after the jump
Since the batteries and electric motor are likely to cost at least as much as, or even more than, the car carrying it, Magna are considering a business model where the MILA’s EV module could become the item that car buyers own, rather than the bodywork.Similar electric car projects are also sizing up options for customers to lease, rather than own, expensive battery packs. Part of the Magna EV strategy is that other manufacturers will buy its electric platform as an off-the-shelf base for their own vehicles.When the BMW X3 debuted back in early 2004, it seemed to be an anachronism: an upscale, premium-branded, premium-priced, small sport-utility. After all, the Land Rover Freelander had landed like a thud in our market and was on its way to hiatus status. It turns out that BMW was ahead of the curve, though, because for 2007 the X3 has plenty of competition, including the Freelander's successor, the LR2, plus the all-new Acura RDX. Time for a mid-cycle face-lift, then, for BMW's small SAV, or sports activity vehicle. The freshened 2007 model made its public debut at the Paris salon.
You'll have to look closely at the X3 to detect the physical differences between the 2006 and 2007 models. There are no sheetmetal changes, but last year's black front and rear bumpers are now body-colored, and the twin-kidney grille now has vertical strakes in it. BMW's "corona light rings," known in the parlance as "angel eyes," make their first appearance here, if you opt for the xenon adaptive headlights. Chrome exhaust tips are new at the rear.
BMW has attempted to address complaints about the shoddiness of the original X3's interior with a new dashboard material, additional upholstery in the door panels, and the addition of wood trim to the dash. There's also a new, three-spoke steering wheel, and the optional Cold Weather Package includes heated rear seats in addition to the fronts.
Under the hood, the U.S.-spec X3 adopts the aluminum and magnesium 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine that debuted in the 3-series sedan. With variable valve timing, which BMW calls Valvetronic, it produces 260 hp at 6600 rpm and 225 lb-ft of torque at 2500 rpm, increases of 35 hp and 11 lb-ft of torque, respectively. A six-speed manual remains standard, and a new six-speed automatic is a no-cost option, replacing the previous five-speed automatic. With the manual, BMW says the X3 will hit 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, an improvement of 0.7 second over the previous X3 3.0i.
We've already driven the new X3, and although more power and more gear ratios are all well and good, what the X3 really needed was a more comfortable ride, and it didn't receive that in this face-lift. In making the X3 handle like a BMW, BMW's engineers sacrificed everyday livability. This vehicle continues to err on the side of spoMay 28th, 2008 Posted in Worldwide News No Comments
BMW has some big plans. It is said that the BMW M1 concept, recently presented at D’Eleganza Villa D’Estebmw-m1-concept-91.jpg will be soon produced in series.
“We have the right engine and infrastructure for a car like this”, said Herbert Diess. From the interview which was taken from the BMW executive department, we will find out a program of the production and why this car won’t be called M1.
The German producer wants to modify a little this M1 concept, in order to defeat Audi R8 which is a real commercial success. In what measure he can do that, we might find out sooner than we thought.
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Bmw M6 available in 2012
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The next generation of BMW 6 Series will be available only after about 4 years. Until then, we are glad to present you an artistic interpretation of itThe first iteration of the Acura MDX–an SUV equally utilitarian and reliablecompeted with the Mercedes-Benz ML and the Lexus RX300, but the newest generation of the MDX aims straight at the BMW X5 and the Porsche Cayenne. Cargo capacity and off-road capability are no longer the key metrics when contesting market share with those lithe Germans. To instill the same level of driving excitement in the MDX as is found in its new competitors, Acura’s engineers headed to Germany’s Nurburgring, which is prized for its ability to expose chinks in a car’s driving dynamics.
The new MDX’s exterior styling underwent a similarly rigorous workout. According to Frank Paluch, the chief engineer of both the original and second-generation MDX models, the goal was to provide a “stealth family package,” which the design team accomplished by lowering the visual center of the vehicle, what they call the C-line, and angling the D-pillar sharply forward to camouflage the third-row seating. Paluch adds, “The vehicle looks smaller, but it’s wider, longer, and lower.” Until we spend time behind the wheel, we cannot say if the MDX can hang with the fast crowdbut at least it’s wearing all the right clothes. Acura is being coy about powertrain performance, but Paluch says they have aimed for best-in-class V-6 performance. When asked if that translates to 300 hp, he remarks, “that’s a difficult goal.”
Although the vehicle is only a concept and in fact has no interior or powertrain, we expect that Acura will retain 99 percent of its exterior styling for the production model, which goes on sale this falfuture cars bmw
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great concept car, by the French company Peugeot

Very ecological and futurist, the Peugeot 888 car is powered by electrical motors in the wheels. The batteries are located in the trunk, while solar panels on it also provide the electricity.

Peugeot 888 carPicture of PeugeotElectric wheelsCar of the future!

Electric Car Lives-electric car's time has finally arrived
Roughly the size of a Prius, the Ox can travel between 125 and 155 miles before needing a recharge

Hinterland Electric Car

hinterland electric car

Concept car powered by electricity

Peugeot Leonin, Leonin, Concept cars, electric cars, Peugeot, futuristic car, futuristic design, eco car, green carPeugeot Leonin, Leonin, Concept cars, electric cars, Peugeot, futuristic car, futuristic design, eco car, green carPeugeot Leonin, Leonin, Concept cars, electric cars, Peugeot, futuristic car, futuristic design, eco car, green carPeugeot Leonin, Leonin, Concept cars, electric cars, Peugeot, futuristic car, futuristic design, eco car, green carPeugeot Leonin, Leonin, Concept cars, electric cars, Peugeot, futuristic car, futuristic design, eco car, green car

Mitsubishi electric cars

Citroen Electric CarPeugeot Electric Car
Japanese newspaper The Nikkei (the same guys who reported the Suzuki Kizashi would be axed) now reports that the deal went through and Mitsubishi will supply the French company up to 10,000 electric cars a year by the year 2011. This could include the Mitsubishi i MiEV, which is shown above as an artist’s impression with Peugeot styling (look after the jump for a Citroen version).
PSA would benefit by getting electric car technology fast, while Mitsubishi would benefit from PSA’s vast distributor network in Europe, which would be beneficial for Mitsu’s coffers anyway since they are the supplier, despite the cars not having Mitsubishi badges.

Affordable Electric Car-threeweel

Triac Electric Car Front ViewTriac Electric Car Side ViewTriac Electric Car Rear View
California based company Green Vehicles recently began selling an affordable $20,000 electric car called the Triac. The small but efficient 3-wheeled car has a range of 120 miles and can travel up to 70mph on the highway. Charging the lithium-ion batteries that power the 20kw electric motor takes about 6 hours, and there is an optional capacity boost battery pack available that extends the range by 20% (why not include it with the car?). The Triac comes in 8 different color combinations and is available from the dealership in San Jose. 

3 World's Most Expensive Car 2011


Mitsubishi’s Electric Car

Mitsubishi iMiev

Despite the similarities in pricing and release date, the two cars are very different beasts. The iMiev is based on a current Kei-car produced by Mitsubishi for Japan, and has a 47kW electric motor powered by a 330-volt lithium ion battery pack. The car will have a top speed of 80 mph and an all electric range of about 100 miles. Charging will take place via a normal power outlet and should take about 14 hours to completely charge the battery, though there is all a 220V charge option, which only takes 7 hours.

Electric fields and textures seen in the naturec

mazda kaan electric carmazda kaan electric carmazda kaan electric carmazda kaan electric carmazda kaan electric carmazda kaan electric car

Electric, Nano Goes Diesel

The electric Smart ForTwo, known as the Smart ed, has a 41-hp electric motor and sodium-nickel-chloride batteries. It gets about 70 miles per charge, and has a maximum speed of 70 mph, which makes it a reasonable commuter EV, even if your commute involves highways. Price and market haven’t been announced, but they do expect it to go on sale in 2010. Cross your fingers that it comes your way — and you can afford it.

Image from

GreenEcoMobility Electric Car

Chrysler has announced a new green transportation vehicle that is eco friendly, being emission free, using electric power rather than petroleum derivatives. The car features iPod and iPhone integration, where the latter doubles as a mobile phone hands free feature too. The Peapod is small, yet available in 2-seater, 4-seater and 6-seater models.