Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2002 Volkswagen Phaeton

2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. 2003 Volkswagen Phaeton V10
  • 2003 Volkswagen Phaeton V10

  • zeroh3ro
    Feb 28, 12:27 AM
    Finishing my graphic design degree this May. The large intuos might get replaced by a cintiq very soon.

    What bag is that your using?

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Volkswagen Phaeton (2002)
  • Volkswagen Phaeton (2002)

  • Ping Guo
    Jun 23, 03:01 AM
    Apple made a device for these people - the iPad.

    For a desktop, errr, what is the advantage over a mouse? A mouse is more precise and far more comfortable to use as your arm is resting on a horizontal surface. Imagine swiping all over a 27" iMac screen for hours. Neck and shoulder pain anyone?

    Touchscreen smartphones: Ideal
    Touchscreen tablets/netbooks: Has advantages
    Touchscreen desktops: No benefit

    We're very used to using a mouse, but it's definitely not the most natural way to interact with a computer. It's not easy either. I've seen old people that never could figure out how to double click without moving the cursor 50 pixels from where they wanted to click.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. 2005 Volkswagen Phaeton V8 AWD
  • 2005 Volkswagen Phaeton V8 AWD

  • wdlove
    Mar 18, 10:11 PM
    Many have called for the demise of Apple, but it is still going strong. Anyone that talks against Apple does it at their peril.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton 2011
  • Vw Phaeton 2011

  • kresh
    Jul 19, 05:10 PM
    LongShight i think you mean Vista will be here next year and will be a big cash cow for Microsoft - will it work as well as Mac OS ? no,will it be better ? no ...but people will buy it and still get viruses and spyware

    I don't think that Windows is the reason that people will buy it. It has much more to do with the $499.99 price point, which buys a fairly decent machine for most home users.

    Apple will never, ever dominate in marketshare. They are not geared for it profit margin wise, and I don't think they should be.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton 2011 Interior
  • Vw Phaeton 2011 Interior

  • extrafuzzyllama
    Sep 30, 12:27 PM
    Yes, I've bought a clear (smoked) tpu case on eBay. Stay away from the clear ones, they leave watermarks on the back. Get the patterned ones. Fitment is kind of loose on some sides but good temp case until something good comes out. I'm waiting on the incase slider myself, just wish it didn't cost 35 bucks for a piece of plastic!

    what do u mean watermarks? do u have a pic?
    i was also considering buying from the ebay seller ashophone
    the clear gel cases
    anyone seen any cases like the grip vue solid colors on ebay?

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Used Volkswagen Phaeton 2008
  • Used Volkswagen Phaeton 2008

  • rKunda
    Sep 20, 11:19 PM
    I also still don't get how CR can give it the highest overall rating and not recommend it.

    IMO, it's down to their perception of their rep. and pride. They can't just come out and say "we were wrong" so they have to dig in.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. the 2011 model VW Phaeton
  • the 2011 model VW Phaeton

  • roland.g
    Nov 28, 09:56 AM
    The only iPod behind the Zune on the list that Apple still makes is the U2 SE. All the others are discontinued models.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. VW Phaeton 2011 Released in
  • VW Phaeton 2011 Released in

  • Lestdog
    Apr 26, 01:59 PM
    ...Apple is turning into a company of douche bags.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton
  • 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton

  • SevenInchScrew
    Jan 5, 12:08 AM
    ^^^ Nice!
    Co-signed. That is awesome. I love BMWs, and that love just increases as they get older. Great color too.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton 2011
  • Vw Phaeton 2011

  • twoodcc
    Aug 29, 10:15 AM

    It looks like the GMA X3000 is ready to go now, but a Yonah coupled with a X3000 IGP would still make the Mini a great machine.

    wow, now that would be something

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton 2012
  • Vw Phaeton 2012

  • BigBeast
    Apr 19, 08:05 PM
    Just because 256 is 'perfect' for you does not mean it is perfect for everyone else. I need 500GB SSD. External drive solutions are just way to slow compared to internal SSD. The SSD upgrade on my Laptop was the best upgrade ever, now I want an 27'' iMac with 500GB SSD and lots of memory.

    I'd actually be more interested in having a 500GB EXTERNAL ssd. Since Thunderbolt can transfer upwards to 10Gb/s, there's no need to have an SSD on a 3 or 6Gb/s link (which is what an SSD INSIDE a computer will use.)

    So if I have an external 500GB SSD and a computer with Thunderbolt (which WILL be adopted my most- trust me) you can take your small, thin, computer (your operating system with all your files) with you wherever you go.


    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Volkswagen Phaeton W12;
  • Volkswagen Phaeton W12;

  • wmmk
    Jul 13, 11:17 PM
    Yeah! Since this guy doesn't want it, neither do the rest of us!
    Actually, he has a point. Bluray is not currently at a reasonable price, and doing away with combo drives would be a bigger deal than getting Bluray for at least 70% of users.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton V8,
  • 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton V8,

  • Jswoosh
    Apr 19, 12:49 PM
    Yes haha this made my day. Looking forward to my first iMac!!

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton 2011
  • Vw Phaeton 2011

  • PlaceofDis
    Mar 19, 06:59 AM
    Apple had to make Safari due to Microsoft pulling out of the mac

    correct me if i am wrong, but Apple did not have to make Safari, Microsoft halted the production of IE for Mac because Apple started to develop Safari and realized that more Mac users were using it than IE. Apple was not forced by Microsoft to make Safari

    & its not like Microsoft has left Apple behind, Office 2004 is comming out sometime this year supposedly, i might start to worry about Apple is M$ starts to ignore Macs altogether....

    The End of the Mac is not comming, Apple is finally out of debt, and profits are being made....Apple will be around for a while yet

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton Tuning. neuen
  • Vw Phaeton Tuning. neuen

  • Danksi
    Dec 30, 12:30 AM
    At lease out TV's aren't upside down :D :cool: ;)

    .. it appears your keyboard layout is different though. :p

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton 2011 Interior
  • Vw Phaeton 2011 Interior

  • chutch15
    Sep 12, 09:58 PM
    MicroByte - Sorry. I edited my post since you replied. I added a pic just for the heck of it.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Vw Phaeton 2011
  • Vw Phaeton 2011

  • steadysignal
    Apr 10, 07:04 PM
    manual cars are easy to drive - like riding a bike, you never forget it...

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. Volkswagen Phaeton
  • Volkswagen Phaeton

  • benjs
    Mar 23, 02:22 PM
    You still don't get it. It is having all your music with you. The choice to play anything you feel in the mood to hear , not that you play it all from start to finish.

    That's exactly it. I bought an iPod classic so that, of the 18,551 tracks I have within my iTunes library, when I am feeling the urge to listen to one of them - I absolutely know that I have it on me.

    2002 Volkswagen Phaeton. the Volkswagen Phaeton,
  • the Volkswagen Phaeton,

  • dubels
    Jan 10, 08:12 PM
    BTCC and V8 Supercars are the most exciting series left.

    Jan 12, 11:36 AM
    I figured out the secret air message!

    What falls out of the air? ... Apple (s)

    Sorry, you're wrong. Apples fall out of a tree.

    Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under the tree and the damn Apple hit his head.

    Nov 28, 11:15 AM
    Microsoft lost billions on the Xbox and likely to lose hundreds of millions on their Zune attempt. iPod sales have been profitable for Apple since their introduction. How one measures success in this industry can't always be marketshare.

    Given that the Xbox's market share was only about 20%, you probably can't use market share as a measure either.

    Aug 25, 07:30 AM
    and will feature the 965 graphics chipset which frankly is a very nice and inexpenisve graphics solution.Oh as a side note. The 965 chipset which features the GMA 3000 or GMA X3000 will indeed have more features (http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=2837), but preliminary benchmarks (http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pconline.com.cn%2Fmarket%2Fsh%2Fshoppingguide%2Fchangshang%2F0608%2F844 892.html&langpair=zh-CN%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8) show it performing even worse than the GMA 950.

    Edit: And you may be quite right on your prediction of the 965 chipset. Due to a design flaw (http://digitimes.com/mobos/a20060731A5025.html) in the integrated graphics subsystem (GMA X3000/3000) the availability of the chips has been delayed to mid August, making them just in time for new Mini's in September.

    Lord Blackadder
    Mar 4, 02:58 PM
    If you buy a truck or SUV because you want to tow or haul, drive offroad or use it for work, fine. If you bought it because you're being "protective", then, yes, that is a selfish motivation.

    Larger SUV's and trucks often do suffer fewer driver fatalities, so in some ways they are safer (in the US), but that is because they force smaller vehicles to absorb most of the impact during a crash. Also, the rollover risk remains high, so that the "protection" you are buying is pretty conditional and may come at the expense of other people's lives.

    In addition, I should point out that minivans are safer than SUVs, so if you want your family safe, buy a minivan. Finally, it's a proven fact that pickups are less safe than cars, period.

    If you want to debate it further I suggest we start another thread though, so we can keep this one on-topic.

    Sep 7, 09:59 AM
    I've not bought a movie since 1995 on VHS. It's was just kind of silly having them litter up your shelves then and your hard disk now.

    Bite the bullet like I did and toss all your jewel cases for CDs / DVDs. Now I just have a couple large binders on the shelf that contain all my software and CDs and DVDs. Nice and neat and takes up about 1/100th the space.


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