Tuesday, May 10, 2011

88 Audi 90 Quattro

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  • floatingspirit
    Jan 12, 01:36 PM
    ................... I hardly EVER use my optical drive. Why am I carrying it everywhere I go?

    Here, here! Though I use the optical drive plenty at home or in the office, I have never carried my laptop to a place with the intention of using or playing a cd or dvd. I would love the option to have a slimmed down macbook. In fact, I might carry it around even more just because it's that much easier to do.

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  • SchneiderMan
    Nov 23, 06:46 PM
    My shoes arrived! (:


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  • History: 1988 Audi 90 Quattro

  • Leslie.Hon
    Mar 31, 10:54 AM
    I hate the new iCal design... :(

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  • jdl8422
    Aug 24, 07:53 PM
    why is the guy who first posted this rumor buying a bunch of mac minis for a server?

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  • fertilized-egg
    Mar 24, 11:09 AM
    For those of us with large libraries or store our music in uncompressed or at higher bit rates, the Classic is the only game in town.

    There are still some quality HDD MP3s, most notably the Cowon X7, http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/01/cowon-x7-pmp-review/

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 15, 09:02 PM
    According to the official stats (http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=userpage&teamnum=3446&username=twoodcc) you already are at 3 digits for overall rank, congrats!

    really? thanks for the link. of course they are updating the stats right now

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 26, 01:58 PM
    Matts Macintosh describes 1984 Mac System 1 comes with dash-board like widgets. Video:
    Thanks for the video Consultant. Looks like my computing knowledge doesn't span back far enough. Are there any more videos or links that discuss the history of widgets at all?

    My quick bit of searching has bought me to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desk_accessories and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widget_engine which implies that Apple may have been the precursor to modern desktop widgets.

    Interesting stuff.

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  • Compile 'em all
    Sep 6, 09:28 AM
    Comparing the prices of the new iMacs and the Mac mini is absurd. The killer
    feature of the mini is its form factor. Wake me up when you can use an iMac
    as a file/download server placed in your desk drawer.

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  • alhedges
    Apr 3, 12:25 PM
    I think so too. The toaster vs oven analogy works better than Jobs' truck vs car analogy. somebody send Jobs an email so he can steal it :D
    The problem with the toaster vs. oven analogy is that toasters don't cost the same as ovens. No one would buy a toaster if it cost $600. Nor is the iPad as limited as a toaster.

    That's why the car vs. truck analogy is more apt.

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  • flyfish29
    Mar 25, 10:27 PM
    market share market schmare! I think apple is doing great. The kind of person that would buy a 5-6 hundred dollar mac would not buy many or any additional programs as they would probably just surf the net, take dig. pics, etc. and watch them on their tv...if that much. That is not going to bring us any new or additional software. They would not use Palms so Palm would not all of the sudden make their software again. It would cost Apple money to develop the machine, support it, and update it not to mention marketing, etc. Apple resellers would have to buy them and use up precious inventory money on those rather than things they would be making money off of.

    I think Apple needs to promote their best thing: software! They are a software company that also happens to make some great hardware, but they have almost always focused on hardware. G5, iMac, iPod, Powerbook, etc. were all supported heavily in print and other media. what about OSX??? iLife gets some support in print...iTunes is the only real app. that gets much support in marketing and look where Apple is with it! Making huge bucks! If they want people to switch in numbers they need to show the software working and what you can do with it. The switch campaign did this some, but people foucsed on the people and their little jokes and quirks and not the software. Apple needs to shed their image of "only for artists and students/teachers" and not for business, not for internet, not compatible with such and such, etc. These are all parts of their image that people still believe and they need to change their image. Not everone sees different as better. I don't think it should be Apple's job to make everyone see that different is better...just make them see that Apple's product is better!

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  • dguisinger
    Aug 7, 07:42 AM
    There will never be NTFS write abilities in Mac OS X for a long time as Microsoft still keeps NTFS writing a propritary technology only licensed for use in Windows XP.

    Oh, i wouldnt say that....
    Microsoft and Apple did a 5-yr cross license of patents in 1997. Now, that doesnt mean you get access for only 5 years, that means anything that was patented up to 2002 is cross licensed perpetually between the two companies.

    If NTFS is patented, it was around well before that date. If its not, then Apple just has to write the code to write NTFS.

    Interesting question is; when did the first iPod patents arrive? Does MS have access to anything for Zune that creative & co didnt?

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  • Herdfan
    Apr 19, 04:08 PM
    i wish they could wait and roll out the new imacs w/ Lion in June. im trying to hold out...its hard...lol

    Actually glad they aren't. Then I can get the new iMac and upgrade to Lion when I'm/it's ready.

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  • History: 1988 Audi 90 Quattro

  • jav6454
    Mar 24, 01:24 PM
    Hmm I got crossfire 6970s wonder if will work in my hakintosh.

    Nop... CrossFireX support is disabled. Only single GPU solutions work. So if you want the best go with the HD6970...

    Also, so long nVidia, you sorry excuse for a 2-bit company.

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  • milo
    Sep 7, 07:27 AM
    It's a nice idea, but WAY too pricey. I don't know what makes them think people will be willing to pay these prices when the DVD is available for just a little bit more (in some cases the same or less) and includes special features, probably better quality, and no DRM.

    If the studios insist on this kind of pricing for all download services, it will just drive people to bittorrent and netflix. It's just silly to insist that pricing be as much as DVD when you don't get as much for your money.

    The rumors also haven't addressed picture quality. I assume it will be an improvement, and it DEFINITELY won't be HD...but will it be even DVD quality? I'd say that's the bare minimum for something like this to even be considered by most consumers.

    I don't think rental is that big a deal. It would be nice (and may be added later), but it's a completely separate market from sales. I think people are going overboard saying lack of rentals would kill it.

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  • Giaguara
    Apr 15, 10:30 AM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....

    Yes, I don't really understand WHY according to ... you ?? apple would be dieing.

    If you want a Mac that costs 500 $, buy a second had iMac / eMac.

    I have NEVER seen a petition that has anything to do with computer or software industry, that I could believe would make _really_ any difference. All the petitions I've seen seem rant - like. If you have an idea, just present it in a more constructive manner, bring / ship it to Cupertino.

    Besides - I find it really weird that you don't have more than 500 $ to spend for a computer ... when you are living in Japan. Quit drinking gallons of milk a day there, and you can get a computer in a week. ;)

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  • nemaslov
    Mar 23, 01:36 PM
    To each his own. But come on. 497 days worth of music? That's almost a year and a half of listening to music 24 hours a day without listening to the same song twice. I think you'd have to replace the battery before then.

    You still don't get it. It is having all your music with you. The choice to play anything you feel in the mood to hear , not that you play it all from start to finish.

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 10, 07:04 PM
    manual cars are easy to drive - like riding a bike, you never forget it...

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  • hypmatize
    Nov 27, 08:34 PM
    It's Christmas time :) Here are my last few purchases for various members of my family.

    Stocking stuffers for mom, dad, brother, and sister:

    http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/4030/51brbclczclsl500aa300.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/4058/51iw2jwhpblsl500aa300.jpg http://img813.imageshack.us/img813/272/51k7tfjwurlsl500aa300.jpg http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/4393/51vmyprpshlsl500aa300.jpg

    Gift for my mom. She rides her bike 10 miles to and from work a few times a week:


    Gift for my brother. He sold all of his games to Gamestop so that he could buy Fifa 10. He really wants Fifa 11 too, but I'm waiting to see if I can find it cheaper:


    I think best buy still has fifa 11 for $35 you should check it out.... its a great game btw. You just have to get used to the passing from fifa 10

    88 Audi 90 Quattro. UK, Bob#39;s Audi 90 Quattro
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  • jbanger
    Nov 23, 07:00 PM
    My shoes arrived! (:



    Jan 1, 05:31 PM
    I am expecting MACworld to bring (2/3 of):

    A couple of interesting new MacPro BTO options.

    A new iMac which is an iTV mainframe of sorts.

    iTV enabled monitors.

    An iTV breakout box for talking to existing computers and televisions.

    802.11n in many places including a "surprise" (to some) announcement Macs have been shipping with 802.11n for several months now and it can be enabled by a software update (available today).

    A consumer SAN.

    New iPod games

    New iLife/iWork apps and upgrades and backgrounds.

    FCP update.

    One more thing: Video iPod

    Later: a "media release" perhaps leading to or at NAB
    Later: an iTunes event announcing more movie studios and broadcast content libraries.
    Later: Leopard, Mac-Mini C2D, MacMaster (workstation class system)


    Aug 7, 04:54 AM
    The Apple of hifi :cool:

    Mar 24, 01:26 PM
    "iMac! iMac! iMac!"

    Yup-I want to buy my first iMac! Can't wait for the upcoming refresh.

    Mar 7, 09:57 AM
    But prior to that the Mk1 was the same in both the U.S. & Europe.

    Was only a young kid when that Focus was around.......

    Anyway, when the current US Focus debuted back in 1999 I believe it was, it wasn't a bad car. In typical bad Ford fashion, it was left to rot on the vine. It got a heavy redesign/MCE for the 2008/9 MY I believe it was, but it was too late. The 2012 Focus is so much better. Although I prefer the Chevy Cruze.

    So far this generation of world cars are going fairly well. The Buick Regal is selling in China and in the US fairly well( with the Regal being the Opel Insignia). The Cruze isn't doing too badly either. I don't know the exact number of Cruze sales in Europe, but I heard it was decent. They just sold 18,000 units in February in the US. Holden survives as it is today due to its export business. World cars can be done. They just have to be implemented correctly.

    Aug 16, 12:38 PM
    And why not offer clips from Sirius shows, namely Stern, as downloads from iTunes? Apple already allows explicit content (think every Hip Hop song), so there shouldn't be a problem.

    Song paradies and other clips would sell like hotcakes for .99!

    Stern isn't for everyone, but millions of fans would bring some serious attention and cash to Apple.


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