Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Polaris 2011 Rmk Pro

Polaris 2011 Rmk Pro. of 2011 Polaris Pro RMK#39;s
  • of 2011 Polaris Pro RMK#39;s

  • bdj21ya
    Oct 23, 07:14 PM
    Along with the macbook and MB pro getting updates, for $14.95 you can download an ipod nano or ipod patch/software that lets you listen to FM radio without having to purchase the radio remote. Interface is the same as with the remote.

    Haha! I'm sure no hardware (e.g. FM Tuner) is neccessary. Yeah Right!

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  • 2011 Polaris 800 RMK Assault

  • ipadder
    Oct 15, 10:20 PM
    heres a couple of pics of the ebay case i bought for 5 bucks from the USA:

    lots of other colors too, got blue as well.

    i didn't have my ipod w me at the time but i can confirm it fits as good as my other 15+ dollar cases

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  • 2012 Polaris 600 Pro RMK 155

  • dpaanlka
    Aug 7, 06:13 AM
    This should help..

    wow how did i miss that??

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  • nyprospect
    Apr 2, 09:56 PM
    Makes me want to buy one.Go figure.

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  • 2011 Polaris PRO-RMK 800 155

  • aznguyen316
    Sep 14, 10:40 PM
    The BB I got my Griffin case from also had a couple other griffin gloss ones of hard plastic in bright blue, black - although it was more smoke/gray, and I forget, one other color. You can check stock on search for ipod 4th and it'll come up with a few cases and etc for it. then do check store inventory. good luck!

    Polaris 2011 Rmk Pro. 2011 Polaris PRO-RMK 800 155
  • 2011 Polaris PRO-RMK 800 155

  • QuarterSwede
    Apr 10, 06:57 PM
    And two-seaters?? :eek: Well, let's not go there.
    Miata's are actually very good driving cars.

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  • jgould
    Feb 21, 06:44 AM
    Not concerned with the impending refresh? Or do you plan to return and rebuy post-refresh?

    Having picked up a 13" MBP yesterday, I won't take this one back unless there is something that I need in it. Overall I'm not normally someone that worries about the contents of a refresh.

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  • Introducing the 2011 Polaris

  • cube
    Mar 24, 02:24 PM
    Uhh, ok? You linked to a video where the HD 3000 is going against an unreleased APU from AMD. May as well have posted a comparison to the GMA 950 to the 6990. :rolleyes:

    I never said there was nothing better than the Intel 3000, I said it doesn't suck as bad as he makes it out to be(or AMD's unreleased propaganda, or you).

    With only a couple months difference in release date, Sandy Bridge is a bad purchase.

    Polaris 2011 Rmk Pro. Polaris 2011 Rmk Pro
  • Polaris 2011 Rmk Pro

  • Starchitect
    Oct 24, 12:54 AM
    7200rpm 160GB drive? Cute...:)

    Just a little wishfull thinking.

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  • The 2011 Pro-RMK was the most

  • Gatesbasher
    Apr 3, 12:54 PM
    After watching the ad 3 times, I *think* I like it. It treads just the right sign of 'schmoltzy' without going too far over. It (the device) looks gorgeous too, from a purely personal view.

    It hasn't won me over (iPad v Playbook), but there's not doubting its a good ad.

    You do realize that the Playbook is pure, 100%, no-money-back, spun-glass vaporware...right?

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  • Polaris tiered their releases

  • odo
    Aug 7, 05:23 AM
    Anyone dares to read "Vista 2" as "Vista too"?
    Virtualisation built-in so Leopard does Vista too?
    Would surprise me, but still...

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  • 2012 Polaris 600 Pro-RMK 155

  • Doraemon
    Mar 28, 09:56 AM
    Its killing them

    Geez. How many more people do you need to see that you're wrong. :rolleyes:

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  • 2011 Pro RMK Extreme Headlight

  • kftrainer
    Apr 3, 05:55 PM
    I don't think it is a bug. It allows more screen to show when using full screen mode. The menubar re-appears when needed. Preview auto hides the menubar as well in full screen mode.

    I dont know the significance of the big gray bar on top of the page where it blocks a portion of the page when the menu bar is coming out of auto hide -they could of made it semi transparent Hopefully they change that in the final release

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  • mac1984user
    Mar 22, 04:08 PM
    Not that I'd want this, BUT why doesn't Apple make the iPod Classic a multi-touch device? The Mac proves that you don't need to have flash memory in order for multi-touch to work. Is the HDD in the Classic too slow or unresponsive to work with iOS? The could call it the iPod Touch Classic or something. Then you could have the best of both worlds, large capacity and a touch screen. If they did that, though, there's no way I'd buy an iPod Touch (not that I have a desire for one as I've go the iPhone4).

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  • MCIowaRulz
    Apr 12, 10:03 PM
    Well i'll tell you this FCP 5 (floating around in places i won't mention) is around 1.5 GB so If it is on the App store It will be 1 BIG download for me.
    (3 Mbps cable line here)

    Polaris 2011 Rmk Pro. 2011 Polaris PRO-RMK 800 155
  • 2011 Polaris PRO-RMK 800 155

  • The Sheck
    Sep 18, 01:27 AM
    So, the ipod touch 4G is my first iOS device, and I had a bunch of problems putting on the screen protector when I bought the Dermashot. So much in fact, that I ruined the protector. Not seeing any others for sale on the site, I emailed their customer service to inquire when they'd be on sale. They said "soon," but in the meantime they sent me two FREE ones! Love their customer support and the case looks great on mine. :D

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  • Polaris Pro RMK

  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 22, 12:16 PM

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  • 2011 Polaris Pro-R: The strong

  • lordonuthin
    Mar 18, 01:32 PM
    so i hit 5 million points on jan 27, and i hit 6 million points today. so that last million took me 49 days. not my best so far, but hopefully once i get back to my apartment next month i'll be back in business

    Grats on 6 mil!!

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  • asiayeah
    Sep 6, 09:24 AM
    I am a little bit disappointed that it still does not have any built-in TV tuner.

    Nov 28, 02:35 PM
    I don't think I'd hold up Sony as an example of how to innovate and market -- they lost their focus decades ago. Aside from the walkman, let's see what products has Sony pushed in the last 30 years...

    Memory Stick

    Now we sit back and see if the PS3 and Blu-Ray follow the recent trend. If we're comparing Microsoft to Sony that's what you have to look forward to.

    Sorry to have to say this, but the Playstation and PS2 (early years) were a great success.

    The PS3 was late, but it is still too early ( like the Zune) to discount it as a good device or threat.

    Sep 6, 07:38 AM
    yeah hopefully by at least the 26th or the 12th. but by speculating that it's going to happen the following week hasn't worked for anyone yet

    Anyone speculating it would happen before about now was on crack. Go to a site like Apple Insider, they don't make the "every week" predictions like Thinksecret does. A shipment of minis came in the fifth, my guess would be that they won't announce them at the event (but maybe I'm wrong), but will just do a press release a few days after.

    Sep 1, 02:37 PM
    Mac Mini - low end machine good for offices as a small server or low end word processing workstation.
    iMac - All in one consumer machine - no upgradeability
    "Mac" - Prosumer gamer machine - some upgradeablity
    Mac Pro - Full fledged workstation for those who need all the power they can get.

    But I want to see the iMac and "Mac" be equal in power- both available in both consumer to presumer configurations! I also want the Mac mini done away with and replaced with the "Mac" you speak of... it's too small for its own good. The G4 cube should be brought back, this time as a consumer/prosumer machine, replacing the Mac mini.

    Basically, Apple needs to snap out of it and realize that there is a market for a headless and integrated machines at EVERY PRICE... I want a prosumer iMac, personally.

    Sep 1, 01:20 PM
    Dammit, I just spent $3200 on a MacBook Pro 3 months ago! Apple is going to drive me into the poor house if they don't stop making stuff I want to buy.

    Get some goddamned control man!

    Mar 25, 06:38 PM
    I recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. And here we are. With HD output to your TV.

    Vision, people. Vision.

    I can hook it up to my TV and play in 1080, but....why would I want to? I watched the video on YouTube, and compared to Gran Turismo 5, F1 DiRT 2 and the upcoming Shift 2, etc, this game looks like crap. And I get to play it with no wheel or even a gamepad? Thanks, but no thanks.


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